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Kellys RV Inc
12330 highway 412 west
Paragould, AR 72450

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Good advice on #1/#2. My undsdetanring from sports med dude is that I aggravated the tendon, which caused me to then run badly on the knee, which then caused me to run badly on the calf. I have learnt my lesson well: next time I'll take 3 days off and RICE!!! Unless, of course, I've got a race in 5 days like I did this time. Then I will probably just keep running. And as for cross-training well, I love it already! This was a good week to get back to my abs training videos and the fitness ball, a little swimming, and walking with my mom. I don't currently have a bike, but my plan once I have a steady paycheck in the fall is to search out a good local bike store in Dayton and get a nice bike to start training for the A Tri in the Buff, held the first week of July! To be clear: a triathlon in Buffalo, not a race run nude (though KUDOS to Rebecca for being AWESOME and CONFIDENT!). Thank you for the advice and the GREAT podcasts!!!!!

Review by: Lobsang
Reviewed on: September 09,2015

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