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Bulltown Camp
HC 10 BOX 24
Burnsville, WV 26335-9802

Review for: Bulltown Camp
We spent 3 days at Bulltown in min August. We found the campground to have 2 distinct flavors. One is the traditional, wooded campground, the other a parking lot with small strips of grass between. We stayed in the traditional campground area. Overall, the campground is well kept, with level asphalt sites with reasonable spacing in between. The one trip to the bath house found it clean and well kept. Campground is far enough from main roads to not have noise problems. Water was of reasonable quality. I believe it is filtered and treated lake water based on local knowledge and the lack of accessible in-ground water. There is a small grocery store outside the park gate. Prices were reasonable for most things. Firewood was good quality and reasonably priced. The closest true grocery store is in Rock Cave, about 20 min to the North on Rt 4. The closest gas is in Flatwoods about 15-20 min to the South at I-79 exit 67. Flatwoods also has all the normal fast food choices, a Shoney's, outlet shops and bowling.

Review by: Mark Lewis
Reviewed on: August 09,2008

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