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Camping Leroux enr.
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вот официальный релиз тх “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER”+ Spitsbergen, White Sea, Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER23. 07. 14. 8. 2011, from USD 22560, start/end: Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen.Detail information and ship doierspticn not finished, yet.Rare opportunities: Tourism to the high Russian Arctic is still adventurous and there is no continuity of programs, yet, from year to year, compared to most other polar destinations. A program offered in one year is not necessarily available also in the following years. For instance, there were two exciting longer cruises to Franz Josef Land in 2008 (led by Andreas Umbreit) in 2009, there was none, and there was none in 2007. The islands around the Kara Sea (Novaya Zemlya, Vise, Severnaya Zemlya, Taimyr) were offered in 2005, but not again, since. Therefore, polar travellers keen on visiting these remote places should take advantage of the opportunities as they come and keep an eye in between on this section of our webside.кстати на ЗФИ идут и Российские суда:+ Franz Josef Land KAPITAN DRANITSYN16. 07. 28. 07. 2011, from € 7900, start/end: Murmansk (with transfer from/to Kirkenes).bb (PDF file, ca. 100 kB)bb (PDF file, ca. 1.5 MB)+ Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya AKADEMIK SHOKALSKIY26. 07. 07. 08. 2011, from US-$ 8080, start Murmansk, end MurmanskThis voyage is intended to have Andreas Umbreit (owner of terra polaris, guide book author) in the staff team as guide and lecturer with his expertise for Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya from several earlier cruises to these (PDF file, ca. 500 kB).Please observe: this tour has been rescheduled, now starting from Murmansk, instead of Arkhangelsk

Review by: Jazzy
Reviewed on: April 10,2012

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