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I want to make everyone aware of a scam usually originating out of Nigeria. In this scam the buyer usually from overseas sends a cashiers check in an amount over the asking price. The buyer in this case will seem to have a good reason for doing this and will ask the victim to just send them the balance. Many of the victims of this scam have cashed the cashiers check with the belief that it is guaranteed money only to find out the check was counterfeit. The victim will usually usually find out after sending the extra money either directly to the buyer or a supposed agent of the buyer.

One of the key warning signs of a scam is getting a check for an amount over the purchase price or an offer higher then you are asking for. While not all overseas inquiry are automatically scams one should take extra precautions to ensure that you are protected, which is a good idea anyway. The Nigerian scam has been around for many years and classified advertising on web sites has provided rich hunting ground for the scammers. Remember there are no laws protecting you from overseas buyers. As the scam becomes more wide-spread and more people are aware of it, you can bet the scammers will change tactics to make the offer seem more valid.

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